An ongoing adventure

SNES Controller to Parallel Port

I really like playing old Super Nintendo games. I decided along with using an emulator (zsnes) on my windows box I would also like to use a snes controller attached to the parallel port on my computer. The first thing I did was hit eBay looking for an authentic snes controller, I found one for about $6.00

Now it was time to hook it up to the parallel port on my computer and get it working with some of my favorite games. The best diagram of the wire configuration I could find for conversion to DB25 can be seen here.

The type of diodes I used can be seen here. After all the connections were made and the soldering done the snes controller works GREAT. The driver I used for the controller can be found here. I can now enjoy the old school games with an old school controller from the confines of my computer.

Here are some pictures from the building process and my horrible soldering job: